What Pierre' Stands For

Pierre' Washington's Mayoral Vision

If Elected as Mayor of American Canyon, I Will:

Prioritize Public Safety: Leveraging my experience as a Peace Officer, I will forge stronger bonds between our communities and law enforcement, ensuring a safer American Canyon for all.

Promote Affordable Housing and Green Spaces: I'll champion affordable residential development and parks, safeguarding our open spaces and ensuring secure sidewalks and pedestrian pathways.

Revitalize Our Downtown: I'll spearhead a comprehensive plan that attracts investments, transforming our planned downtown area into a vibrant and appealing destination.

Responsible Fiscal Management: I'll be a vigilant steward of public funds, enhancing programs while respecting budget constraints. I'll protect our infrastructure investments by planning ahead for maintenance, saving taxpayers' dollars. I'll also advocate for increased code enforcement in both commercial and residential properties.

Boosting Small Businesses: I'll be a strong advocate for small businesses, bringing innovative ideas for economic development and job growth.

Champion Disability Rights: I'll support disability rights for people of all abilities, fostering an inclusive and accessible community.

CORE VALUES: Integrity, Transparency, Compassion, and Community

Pierre' Washington is committed to building a prosperous and inclusive American Canyon where family values, integrity, and the well-being of our community are at the heart of every decision.

Join us in shaping a brighter future for our city!

#PierreForMayor 🌟