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Pierre' Washington's Supporter Spotlight

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Elected and Appointed Leaders

Leon Garcia, Mayor, American Canyon

Ben Anderson, Former Mayor, American Canyon & Original 1992 Council

Joan Bennett, Former City Councilmember, American Canyon

Amy Bublak, Mayor, Turlock, CA

Bisa French, Chief of Police, Richmond Police Department

Majit Sappal, Former Police Chief of the City of Martinez

Ryan Gregory, Napa County Board of Supervisors District 2

Community Leaders

Fran Lemos American Canyon Gateway Award Recipient

Beth Marcus American Canyon Gateway Award Recipient

Brenda Knight American Canyon Resident and Director of Ladies in Red (AC City Council Candidate 2024)

Brando Cruz American Canyon Resident and Planning Commission Chair (AC City Council Candidate 2024)

Davet Mohammed American Canyon Resident and Planning Commission Vice Chair (AC City Council Candidate 2024)

Karina Servente American Canyon Resident Community & Parent Liaison

Jeff Servente American Canyon Resident AC Little League Leader

Charlie Plummer American Canyon Resident Parks & Community Service Commissioner

Ben Buggs Director of Faith Food Fridays (Community Food Provider)


“I have known Pierre and his family for years as a friend and fellow church member. During that time, I have had numerous opportunities to serve with him on committees and to observe his relationship with his family. Pierre is a dedicated Christian father. I have found him to be fair, of sound judgment, committed and focused on his personal and community goals.”

Benjamin Buggs
Director of Faith Food Fridays

“If you are thinking of signing on to the campaign of Pierre Washington for American Canyon City Council, I can assure you that you will not regret associating with Pierre. Pierre is that rare breed of Politician; strong personal character with a commitment to constituents that transcends party lines. I have worked with Pierre on many professional projects and it was an entirely pleasant experience. There was no drama and Pierre appreciated all of us as members of a valued team with shared goals of public service. Pierre is worth your time, resource, and dedication.

Anthony Williams
American Canyon Resident

“Pierre Washington is an experienced public servant with a clear vision of where he wants American Canyon to go in the next decade. Many residents share his vision, because it focuses on keeping our city a beautiful, clean, and enjoyable place to live.”

Brenda Marinez
American Canyon Resident

“Vote for my brother and former Richmond PD partner Pierre Washington for American Canyon City Council. He served our country, retire Navy veteran. He served and protected our community, retired Richmond PD. He’s a man of God, grandfather and husband. He’s a man of integrity. Pierre has lived the life of service to our country, people and community. vote for Pierre cause a good leader is a great servant!!!”

Mario Chesney

“It’s my pleasure to let you know that the PWNV have officially endorsed you for the American Canyon City Council. Congratulations!! We’re very excited for you and love your ideas and energy for the council. Very shortly we will do a press release and begin writing letters to the editor on your behalf. Go get ’em, tiger!! If you want to use our logo for any material, you can find it on our FB page.”

Carol Whichard
Chair PWNV Candidate Endorsement Committee

“I am writing this letter to endorse Pierre Washington for the position of City Council Member for the City of American Canyon. I have had the pleasure to know Pierre for the past few years. I met him while working at a pharmaceutical company. We immediately connected through our military service and his integrity and honor shined through the day-to-day tasks.

Pierre is transparent, friendly, a man of strength and integrity, open and always willing to help those in need. He is a true family man and he displays his love for his wife, children and grandchildren in very loving manner.

Pierre has dedicated his life to service from country, city and community. I am proud to endorse my Shipmate and fellow Navy veteran.”

S. Delores Roberts
Shipmate, US Navy Veteran

“Pierre you are a good man, your intentions are pure and untainted, your devotion to family, community, and safety makes you the best candidate for our American City Council seat. Talking with you and listening to share your vision of our small community is important to me. We are not Napa, and we never will be, we have more to offer our residents here as we grow together. You are a man of honor and respect, as a retired peace officer and a veteran of our armed forces adds perspective in particular to personal conduct. As a leader in your previous professions and now with Genentech, I will guarantee you my Vote and I will campaign for you until you win a much-deserved seat in our council.”

Robert Vega
American Canyon Resident

“It is my pleasure to offer my unreserved recommendation of Pierre Washington for the City Council of America Canyon. I have known Pierre for over ten years, and I have found him one of the most honorable, kind, and professional people I have ever met. Pierre is one of those rare individuals who has found balance in his life between work, family, and faith. He has been my boss, my mentor, and my friend.

Over the years, I have observed Pierre lead, where others have sat idol; he built coalitions to effect change and never shied away from making a tough decision. Pierre has demonstrated to me and many others that he is a man of action, a problem solver who listens, is empathetic, principled, and encouraging. I have watched him guide people to success; they never thought they could achieve, and I include myself as a beneficiary of his attention.

At heart, Pierre is a family man and a man of faith, whose goal has always been to make things better for his family and community, and holds the sincere belief that it is both an obligation and a privilege to serve those around him. Pierre has spent much of his life serving his country in the Navy and his community as a police officer. Even in the private sector, his career choice is one intended to serve and protect others. Seeking election is just another example of him living up to this responsibility. I sincerely believe that the people of American Canyon would be well served by electing Pierre Washington to their city council. If ever there was a person better suited to serve others than Pierre Washington, then I have not met him or her

Pierre showed me the meaning of servant leadership in both words and actions, and I will be eternally grateful for having learned by his side.”

Santo C Vaccaro
Account Manager, Allied Universal Securities Services

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