Get to Know Pierre' R. Washington:

Your Next Mayor for a Better American Canyon

Councilmember Washington was born and raised in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Prior to his election as Councilmember, Pierre' served 22 years in the United States Navy, which manifested into a 30-year career in public service in law enforcement. He served as a Community Police Officer in the City of Richmond CA Easter Hills District, a Narcotics Detective and K9 Officer for the Richmond Police Department.

Councilmember Washington currently resides in American Canyon with his wife, Cherylyn and their three dogs. Together they have seven (7) children and four (4) Grandchildren.

Councilmember Washington moved to American Canyon in 2006 where he and his wife raised their children, who attended the Napa Valley Unified School District where they became really invested in the community.

In 2018, the American Canyon City Council appointed Pierre' to the Open Space Commission, where he was an advocate to protect the community’s environment, improve quality of life and preserve critical elements of local heritage, culture, and economy for areas like the Newell Trails, the Napa Valley Ruins & Gardens, and the Wetlands.

In 2020, Pierre' was elected as an American Canyon City Councilmember. On the City Council, Pierre' was previously and currently involved in multiple local and regional committees such as the American Canyon Fire Protection District Board and Napa County Climate Action Committee, where he was instrumental in eliminating future development of fossil fuel stations within city limits. He served as POST 1123 Jr. Vice Commander for the Napa/Vallejo Veterans of Foreign Wars and served as Vice President for the American Canyon Lions Club. Additionally, he is a valued member of statewide organizations like the League of California Cities, as well as the Latino and African American Caucuses.

Pierre' generously volunteers with local organizations and contributes to his church's non-profit food distribution center in the City of Vallejo.

Pierre' is deeply passionate about key issues such as economic development, public safety, affordable housing, opportunities for the youth, accessibility for people with special needs and social equity. He strives to make our city government and volunteer groups more representative of our diverse cultural backgrounds.

With his proven leadership and dedication, Pierre' Washington is the ideal candidate to lead American Canyon toward a brighter future as mayor.

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Council Member Pierre' Washington

Elected November, 2020
Term Expires November, 2024

Pierre City Council Pic 2023 Vice Mayor E1689279595379 1024x806

Vice Mayor 2023

American Canyon City Council 2020 2024

The City Council 2020-2024

Mayor Leon Garcia,
Vice Mayor Pierre' Washington,
Council member David Oro,
Council member Mariam Aboudamous-Darabseh,
Council member Mark Joseph

Pierre’s Values & Vision

Pierre' believes in a simple yet profound principle: "Because a good a great servant!"

His vision for our city is built on the foundation of service. Pierre' envisions a city where every resident's needs are met, where no one is left behind. He values inclusivity, equality, and community engagement.

Pierre' Washington's values include:

  • Service:

    He's committed to serving the people of our city with dedication and humility.

  • Transparency:

    Pierre' believes in open and honest communication with citizens to build trust.

  • Inclusivity:

    He advocates for a city where everyone's voice is heard, regardless of their background.

  • Innovation:

    Pierre' aims to bring fresh ideas to address our city's challenges effectively.

  • Unity:

     He values unity among our diverse population and seeks to bridge gaps within our community.


By choosing Pierre' Washington as your mayor, you're choosing a leader who understands that serving the community is the highest calling. Join him in building a brighter future for our city! #PierreForMayor

Pierre’s Campaign Team

We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation to the amazing individuals who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to support Pierre' Washington's mayoral campaign. Their dedication, hard work, and passion for making our city better are truly commendable.

From strategists to organizers, from social media mavens to event coordinators, this team is a powerhouse of talent and commitment. They are the driving force behind Pierre's vision for a brighter future, and we couldn't be more grateful for their efforts.

Together, we're making positive change happen!