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Meet Pierre' Washington

Pierre' R. Washington is not your typical politician. He's a dedicated public servant with a diverse background, driven by a deep commitment to his community.

Here's a closer look at who Pierre' is and what sets him apart:

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  • Proud Veteran of Foreign Wars:

    Pierre' served in the United States Navy for a remarkable 22 years, dedicating his life to defending our nation. His service includes 11 years on active duty and another 11 years in the Navy Reserve. This experience instilled in him a sense of duty, discipline, and a strong work ethic that he carries with him in all aspects of his life.

  • From Police Officer to Security Professional:

    Pierre' spent 22 years in law enforcement. He served with distinction at both the Richmond Police Department and the Contra Costa Sheriff's Department. His time as a police officer honed his skills in public safety and community engagement.

  • Family-Focused Leadership:

    Pierre' Washington understands the importance of family. He's a devoted family man with seven adult children, sharing his life's journey with his loving wife, Cherylyn. This family focus is at the heart of his dedication to making American Canyon a safer and more prosperous place for everyone's loved ones.

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With Pierre' Washington you're not just getting a politician;  you're getting a dedicated, experienced advocate
for a better American Canyon.

Leon Garcia

"I want to go on record as endorsing Pierre' Washington for American Canyon’s next Mayor.  Pierre' has worked effectively in his role as City Councilmember and Vice Mayor.  He brings excellent credentials to this position, with his decorated careers in the United States Navy, his 22 years of Law Enforcement, and his leadership role in the Biotech Corporate Security & Safety industry.  Pierre' understands the importance of keeping good relationships with our community leaders, our neighboring cities, our developers, our city staff, and of dealing congenially with the public. He is honest, reliable, fair and willing to work the long hours needed for the position. I believe Pierre' is the person best qualified to be the city of American Canyons ambassador and our next Mayor."

Leon Garcia

Current Mayor of American Canyon 2006 - Present
Ben Anderson American Canyon

"It is vital that we vote our values, so I will be voting for Pierre' Washington for Mayor of American Canyon this year.  Pierre' is an effective advocate for social justice, economic opportunity, gender, and racial equity.  He also devotes a significant amount of time and effort working in the community through the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1123 that represents American Canyon and Vallejo, The American Canyon Lions Club, Faith Bible Church of Vallejo and as a mentor for residents and youth of the community.  He understands how local government works and how to make it work better.  He can hit the ground running on day one of his term.  He is approachable, engaged, and genuinely committed to governing well.  Please join me in voting for Pierre' Washington for Mayor of American Canyon."

Ben Anderson

Former Mayor of American Canyon & Original 1992 Council
Joan Bennett

"In choosing a mayor I want someone I can depend upon to be truthful, honest, ethical and fair.  Pierre' Washington has all of these qualities and more and that is why I support him for Mayor of our great little city of American Canyon. Pierre' Washington has proven to be a strong advocate for local families. He is an experienced public servant with clear vision of where he would like American Canyon to go in the future.  He actually cares, he listens, and he wants to make a difference. Pierre', in his first term, was the only councilmember to make a courageous stand for “No more gas stations in American Canyon” in support of the climate crisis showing his ability to stand up for what’s right!"

Joan Bennett

Former City Councilmember
Amy Bublak

“For 3 decades I’ve known Pierre', we served together on the Richmond Police Department back in the day. I believe wholeheartedly that American Canyon would be fortunate to have such an amazing public servant as Pierre Washington.”

Amy Bublak

Turlock Mayor
Bisa French

"I am pleased to see Pierre' use his law enforcement, military, and corporate security business background to aid in his forward vision for the City of American Canyon. I believe Pierre' would be a true advocate for the safety and welfare of the residents of American Canyon, a trustworthy champion for the city, and he will serve on the council with the same passion exhibited in all of his endeavors."

Bisa French

Chief of Police of Richmond, CA
Manjit Sappal

"Pierre' has integrity, empathy, and is thoughtful – these attributes will assist him in any public service endeavor and he has always had a strong commitment to public safety in a manner that reflects favorably for the police as well as for the community.

It is my understanding that Pierre' is seeking to serve the residents of American Canyon to make the community a better place; I have no doubt that he is up to the task given his experience, character, and dedication to the community. I am proud to speak on his behalf and place my trust in his ability and decision making."

Manjit Sappal

Former Police Chief of the City of Martinez

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