Santo C Vaccaro

“It is my pleasure to offer my unreserved recommendation of Pierre Washington for the City Council of America Canyon. I have known Pierre for over ten years, and I have found him one of the most honorable, kind, and professional people I have ever met. Pierre is one of those rare individuals who has found balance in his life between work, family, and faith. He has been my boss, my mentor, and my friend.

Over the years, I have observed Pierre lead, where others have sat idol; he built coalitions to effect change and never shied away from making a tough decision. Pierre has demonstrated to me and many others that he is a man of action, a problem solver who listens, is empathetic, principled, and encouraging. I have watched him guide people to success; they never thought they could achieve, and I include myself as a beneficiary of his attention.

At heart, Pierre is a family man and a man of faith, whose goal has always been to make things better for his family and community, and holds the sincere belief that it is both an obligation and a privilege to serve those around him. Pierre has spent much of his life serving his country in the Navy and his community as a police officer. Even in the private sector, his career choice is one intended to serve and protect others. Seeking election is just another example of him living up to this responsibility. I sincerely believe that the people of American Canyon would be well served by electing Pierre Washington to their city council. If ever there was a person better suited to serve others than Pierre Washington, then I have not met him or her

Pierre showed me the meaning of servant leadership in both words and actions, and I will be eternally grateful for having learned by his side.”