Manjit Sappal

“While I am writing this letter as a private citizen, I do so with over twenty years in law enforcement, currently serving as a police executive, responsible for policing services that work towards strengthening community relations and building collaboration to improve public safety.

In all my years in law enforcement, I can think of a handful of officers, with whom I worked, that epitomized and demonstrated community policing. Pierre Washington is one of those officers. In the years that we worked together in Richmond almost twenty years ago, he was well respected by his peers and the community alike. It is my pleasure to provide a character reference on his behalf as he spent countless hours supporting the residents, especially those in the Easter Hill community, through his involvement with the Richmond Housing Authority, the youth groups, and local service organizations. He was a problem solver and was always willing to go the extra mile to serve. As a former military member he was always disciplined and as an active Church member, he was always able to connect with others. In fact, I recall that he was once involved in a life and death struggle and community members came to his aid at a time when police and community relations were strained.

Pierre has integrity, empathy, and is thoughtful – these attributes will assist him in any public service endeavor and he has always had a strong commitment to public safety in a manner that reflects favorably for the police as well as for the community.

It is my understanding that Pierre is seeking to serve the residents of American Canyon to make the community a better place; I have no doubt that he is up to the task given his experience, character, and dedication to the community. I am proud to speak on his behalf and place my trust in his ability and decision making.”