Bisa French

“I am writing this letter to endorse Pierre Washington for the position of City Council Member for the City of American Canyon. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Pierre for over 20 years. We met while working together at the Richmond Police Department. Pierre was always known as a hardworking officer, always willing to take on additional tasks. Pierre’s ability to connect with residents as well as tackle tough issues were invaluable skills that helped forge good police/community relationships. Over our 20 year friendship, I’ve personally observed Pierre Washington in various settings. He is always engaging, personable, and charismatic. I’ve especially enjoyed watching Pierre’s interactions with his wife and kids. He has shown himself to be transparent, reflective, reasonable, and a true family man. I’ve never seen him act in a manner which would make me question his character or ethics.

I am pleased to see Pierre use his law enforcement, military, and corporate security business background to aid in his forward vision for the City of American Canyon. I believe Pierre would be a true advocate for the safety and welfare of the residents of American Canyon, a trustworthy champion for the city, and he will serve on the council with the same passion exhibited in all of his endeavors.”